It’s one of the most exciting times in your life: pregnancy. Along with the nausea, aching, and fatigue comes a glowing expectancy - and depression that your clothes don’t fit. If you have a regular profession, you can shop around and try to find cute maternity clothes that won’t look so bad. If you work in the medical field, you’re basically stuck. Until a few years ago, maternity scrubs were almost non-existent. Today manufacturers have started creating maternity scrubs in styles that complement your pregnant figure rather than emphasize it.

Maternity scrubs used to be a non-entity. Pregnant nurses and doctors had to squeeze into their regular scrubs for as long as they could, before graduating to plus sizes. This meant that the arms, legs, and overall cut was too big, but the larger sizes were necessary in order to accommodate their growing stomachs. Today’s maternity scrubs are a big improvement. Manufacturers such as Barco, Cherokee, and others are working to create scrubs with cuts to accommodate a pregnant figure.

For the beginning of pregnancy, maternity scrubs are not needed, and regular scrubs are fine because they often have extra breathing room regardless. Drawstring pants work well to fit the extra weight gain. Tops that feature empire waists or basic v-necks also work well to hide the baby bump in the early months. However, once a nurse or doctor outgrows regular nursing scrubs, maternity scrubs are required.

Today’s maternity scrubs work very much like regular clothes. The pants feature a stretchy panel to accommodate your growing stomach, and the tops have some styling, with a maternity cut. The fronts of the tops are also often cut longer than the back so that the top lies evenly on both sides. Very few manufacturers offer maternity scrubs, so finding maternity scrubs in styles that fit your taste can be a challenge. Some of the brands that do offer maternity scrubs are Barco, Cherokee, and others. Most of the scrubs only come in basic colors and prints, but some do have drawstrings in the back, or extra detailing to add a feminine flair.

 Maternity scrubs aren’t cheap due to their specialized nature. If you’re planning on another pregnancy soon, they might be worth the investment. However, with pregnancy and a baby come many extra costs, so there are other options. Advice from coworkers or other medical professionals is always helpful. They might know where to get well priced maternity scrubs, or they may be willing to lend you their own maternity scrubs. However, many nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals find that the investment in maternity scrubs pays off because you are wearing the scrubs almost every day for a good few months.

Maternity scrubs have come a long way from where they once were, and the options are a lot more extensive today. A good idea is to visit online sellers to get a good idea of what the options in maternity scrubs are. Maternity scrubs can be found in styles that will suit you, just take the time to do the research.