With rising inflation, gas and food prices and the high rate of the cost of living, it’s a wonder any of us can survive. Yes we can refinance our mortgage, get extra loans, take out further loans to consolidate our debts, and we must try every avenue to survive, but there are five things that we can all cut out of our budgets which could help us save nearly ten thousands dollars a year. I know I could use that extra $10 000 a year to cut down my mortgage.

1. Find coupons when you shopping online

When you purchasing any services or goods at online stores, coupons can help you with some special discount on the products and services of the store. You can get variety of coupons sites on internet

2. One way or another the cigarettes are killing you

So exactly how much is this habit costing you? Well with the average price of cigarettes at approximately $ 4.60 per pack. So the average pack a day smoker will spend $1679.00 per year on the cancer sticks.

3. A cup a Join the morning may get you going, but it's denting your bank balance too.

A trip to your local coffee house may be your first stop most mornings, as with most Americans, but with the average cuppa costing you about $1.50, the coffee better does more than get your going. If you buy a cup every weekday on your way to work, then you will spend a whopping $390.00 per year. Just on coffee. Time to get out that machine and switch to homebrew.

4. You may need a drink after this one.

We all like to get together after work, chew the fat, relive the glory days with a beer or two in hand, but while your beer gut is growing your bank balance is shrinking. With the average price for a bottle of beer ranging at about $5 per beer including tips, buying two beers per day will cost you a whopping $3,650 per year. If you prefer wine or spirits, then you can almost double that figure - $ 7300.00 per year!!!

5. Do you need to pop out over lunch?

You may not like to be in the office over lunchtime, but eating out most weekdays does more than bust your diet. If you were spending just $10 on a workday lunch while you get out of the office then in an average work year of 260 days, you will spend $2600.00 per year. Perhaps it’s time to get out those trainers and take a walk over lunchtime. It will do wonders for both your waist and your bank balance. And pack lunch for work, it will save you money.

6. Red Blooded? Vegetables pack a mighty punch when it comes to the bottom line.

We all love a good steak. Well, I do anyway. But how much is that steak costing you? Can you go without it for three nights a week? If so you could conceivably save about $25.oo a week. This means a saving of $1200.00 a year.

I realize that the tips above may not have you jumping up and down for joy. In fact, if you cut them all out, you may not want to survive at all. LOL. But the bottom line is that you need to watch what you’re spending your money on and work out ways of saving those extra dimes because very soon all those dimes add up. If you cut out the above items, you could save $10 000.00 or more … this year alone.

I am not a professional but I am an expert qualified by personal experience.