Search Engine Optimisation refers to the techniques involved and the process of affecting the visibility of a particular website or web page in the search results of any search engine. For instance, if you look for best amusement parks in New York on your search engine, a set of results will be displayed giving you details about some of the best amusement marks in and around the place. However, if you notice, one amusement park might appear very high on the results while the other one might fall back far behind and may not even be visible even on the first 2 pages of the search results.  This can very well be changed with the help of right search engine optimisation techniques.

All the websites or web pages follow a certain rule or algorithm of a search engine when they are looked for by a user on that particular search engine. Now the web page or the web site that has higher points on that particular search will be shown with higher priority and the one with lower rank or poor ratings will be buried back in the last few pages of the search results. Search engine optimisation experts are those people who specialise in creating and implementing SEO techniques - like ImSurfSentinel - that eventually lead to the targeted web page or web site gaining higher ratings and thus better tanking on the search results of any search engine. This might involve a large variety of activities but it for sure is something which needs to be left over for the experts. This is beyond the scope and reach of a normal internet user.

Search engine optimisation might involve changing the content of the particular web page or web site marginally so that is become more visible. For instance, take key words. Key words are just like other words but the difference is that the keywords are what an average internet user might type in the search bar of the search engine. These are single words or phrases of more than one word that a user is expected to type when looking for the concerned results. If the content of your website or web page has this particular keyword in sufficient density, then chances are quite high that the particular website will be displayed more visibly on the search results of any search engine. However, one cannot categorically generalise this to all keywords and all search engines. A lot of this has to do with the fact that these keywords are easily detected and are overtly used. You can call them the defining words but they are actually more than that.

If any particular keyword can be readily used to gain higher visibility doesn’t mean you can use it any number of times and the more frequently you use, the better visibility. There is of course an optimisation limit. As a result, any website or web page that has undertaken the required SEO measures might end up with higher visibility on any or all search engines any thus the web traffic would be increased remarkably.